Executive Board

Nella Belcastro, President of the Executive Board

Nella is the President of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston Executive Board. Having grown up as a member of our Italian community, Nella has walked these halls and seen us grow in our vision and service to this community. Nella looks forward to leading our organization into the next decade with a modern approach, while building on the strong foundation laid by the dedicated presidents of the past.

Luigi Colangeli, Vice President of the Executive Board & Human Resources

Luigi has been a member of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston. He joined the club to honour his father after he passed in 2015, who had been a member of the club since its founding. Born in Brazil, Luigi holds dual citizenship with Canada and Italy. Luigi demonstrated a passion for athletics from an early age, holding the Kingston city record for the 100 and 200 metres in track, and playing as a quarterback during his attendance at both Regiopolis Notre-Dame and Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute. He even went on to try out for the Ottawa Rough Riders football team. While studying at Concordia University on Loyola Campus, Luigi was drafted by the Italian army due to his dual citizenship and had to provide his school records as proof of studying in Canada and his subsequent being unavailable to serve. Luigi earned his apprenticeship as a millwright at DuPont Chemicals Company, and in his later years there he worked as a maintenance supervisor over a team of 35. Luigi and his wife are both proud Kingstonians, and Luigi has continued to serve as a volunteer for multiple organizations throughout his career, including serving on the Associate Board of Directors for the Greater Kingston AAA Hockey Association, the Executive Board for the Kingston Soccer League, three years as the President of the Church Athletic League, President of the DuPont Sports Association, the Board of Directors at the DuPont Credit Union, and the Board of Directors for the Touch Football League. Luigi is the proud father of two children and is currently enjoying his retirement by travelling with his wife, including a trip to Australia and New Zealand last year.

Ceo (Gualtiero) Castellan, Treasurer, Member of the Executive Board

Ceo immigrated to Canada in 1957, at age 20, to join his brother, Giorgio, in Windsor. Initially, they had varied employment in the construction trade. He was asked to play soccer for The Cabotto Club in Windsor, who found him his first job. He permanently settled in Kingston in 1959 and became a founding member of the Italian Club Soccer Team. In 1960-61 Ceo was part of a group of Italians that discussed the formation of what is now The Italo Canadian Club. He is proud to say that he is one of the few remaining founders of the club. In those days people chipped in $100 to buy the land and this was organized by Marcelo Spada. Mike Corsi helped organize the physical building of the Club and Ralph Ciara and Ceo did the footings and foundation under his supervision. Nick Palumbo, Arduino Scarpazza and Gino Bidinot looked after the blocks with their employees. Lino Bonnuchi supplied all the food at lunch. There are, of course, many other members who helped, according to the trade they did. All the work was done on the weekends and took approximately 1 year. The Club started to operate as a place where Italians could gather and socialize, celebrate important family events and hold functions about 1965. The Trap and Skeet Club was founded in 1973 by Ceo, Dr. Gian Paloschi, Gabriel DiFederico and John Agazzi, with the permission of the main club, and is doing well today. For many years Ceo had a passion for trap shooting with other members of the Italian Community, and they participated in tournaments in the USA and Canada. Over the years Ceo attended most club functions and volunteered at many events. He has also been a member of several different committees since the inception of the club, including being a long-standing treasurer for seventeen consecutive years, and currently, he is on the Executive committee. “I think the most important thing in being one of the founders of the Italian Canadian Club is the sense of community that has been fostered amongst the Italian people of Kingston and area. It is a place that members can call their own and is one of the few clubs that has withstood the test of time!” Hobbies that Ceo enjoys include a passion for gardening, fishing, and cooking. enjoy the company of good friends, making his own wine, salami, sausage and preserving the bounty from his garden. Ceo has 3 beautiful daughters and (currently) 5  grandchildren. He was predeceased by his first wife, Margaret in 1972 and has been married to Ann-Louise since 1991. He and his wife enjoy taking cruises, travelling annually to their timeshare in Cancun as well as to his hometown Bassano del Grappa.

Domenica Bracciodieta, Member of the Executive Board

Domenica has been a member of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston for many years, and her husband was a founding member. She is one of the founders of the International Women’s Day annual fundraiser, having brought the idea from Europe. She enjoyed a career as a master tailor and seamstress at RMC for 28 years. She continues to coordinate much of the decorating for many of our annual events.

Marco Calligaris, Member of the Executive Board

Born in Kingston, Marco Calligaris was raised with Italian as his first language, until he was introduced to English in kindergarten. Throughout his childhood, Marco often visited Italy, and he has remained close to his Italian roots his entire life. Having grown up in the Italian community, Marco raised his own son in his footsteps, and his son can be seen in old photographs of the club throughout his childhood and early adulthood working in the kitchens. An entrepreneur at heart, Marco opened his own business shortly after graduating from St. Lawrence College for Electronic Engineering, and he continues to run his own company, Calligaris Electronic Technologies, to this day. Marco was the first Canadian born member to serve as President of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston, serving two terms from 2014 to 2017. He continues to serve as a member of the Executive Board.

Mario Murano, Member of the Executive Board

Mario was born in Colabria, Italy, and immigrated to Canada in 1966. He attended St. Patrick’s School to learn English shortly after immigrating, and brought to Canada his passion for cooking. Mario and his partner owned and operated Gino’s Pizza for 28 years in Kingston, and Mario continues to work as a cook at Mama Mia’s a couple of days a week. Mario can also be seen frequently volunteering both in and out of the kitchen at the Italo Club, and he also helps his son, Steven, to run his shop, Murano’s Formalwear and Bridal Creations. Mario has been a member of the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston since 1975, and has served on the executive board for the past two years.

Santina Donini, Member of the Executive Board

Santina was born in Italy, where she ran a chocolate factory with her husband before immigrating to Canada. After she and her husband came to Canada, they opened a chocolate factory in Belleville, which they ran for an additional 38 years. After moving to Kingston, she joined the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston as a member in 2010. This is her second time serving on the executive board. When she is not volunteering at the club, she is enjoying her retirement, and baking lots of homemade treats!

About the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston

The Italo-Canadian Club is a reception, conference and banquet facility. We believe beautiful events can be accessible at any budget. That is why we remain one of the most affordable banquet halls in Kingston. Whether you are planning a small intimate affair or a large-scale celebration, we are the perfect choice for your special day. Known for amazing food, Italian hospitality, and a beautiful ballroom, we have grown since 1963. The original club building and the land we are on was purchased and built by the Italian community. To this day much of the work is done by our Italian volunteers. We remain dedicated to being a social centre for Italians and Canadians.

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